Please tell me – What do you love?

I went to my first mindfulness workshop over the weekend. It was intense and overwhelming and, overall, a great (and exhausting) experience. The day ended with this really moving exercise. We sat in pairs (I went to the workshop alone and so paired with someone I had never met before), and for 4 minutes, I asked her, repeatedly, “Please tell me – What do you love?” Then we switched roles, and she asked me. I was moved by what she offered and by how very many things there are in my life – from the deeply meaningful, to the mundane – that I really love. For the next month, I am committing to this act of gratitude each day. I would love for others of you to join me – on your own, in the comments section, every day, or only occasionally. So, here is today and what I love:

1. My Guy, who loves me just as I am and who loves me into being the person I want to become.

2. Running and the way it challenges me, body and soul.

3. Coffee, because there are few better joys in the morning.

Please tell me – What do you love?

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