Days 7 & 8: Please tell me – What do you love?

Yesterday got away from me, but I was thinking about the wonderful women in my life and how much I value and appreciate their friendships. So, for Day 7:
1. My Grad School Posse – There’s something special about people who have been in your life a long time and knowing that no matter how long you are apart, you can always pick up where you left off, as if no time has passed.

2. My Peeps – We have lived a lot of life together over the past 8 years. You are deeply woven into the fabric of my being.

3. My Local Crew – They have been my family here and have made this place home.

Day 8 (a little bit of levity):
1. The joy of re-discovering clothes you had forgotten you had. Have I mentioned how much I love changing seasons?

2. Silly pop songs – like All About that Bass and Fancy – because you can’t help but smile when you hear them.

3. The feeling of possibility that I am feeling at the start of this week.

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