Day 10: Please tell me – What do you love?

The feeling of connection to nature and to humanity that I got to experience this morning while watching the “Red Moon” lunar eclipse with 4 strangers.

And, now, a long-overdue love-fest for the Littles…

1. I love their willingness to accept me into their lives and to share their time with their Dad with me.

2. I love N’s exuberance over discovering the violin. His excitement is contagious and it is fun to see. I also love his introspective nature. It is a privilege that he trusts me enough to share his thoughts with me.

3. I love when V gets a case of the giggles. I can’t help but join in. And I love that she also has a serious side – it is a good reminder to me that, though she is little, she is a complex person. I want to honor that always.

Please tell me – What do you love?

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