Day 16 (yesterday): Please tell me – What do you love?

Here I break with the list tradition to describe a general experience I had yesterday for which I am really grateful. I attended a workshop yesterday – the first time I have done this in my new job. The workshop was on use of behavioral economics in mobile design. Instead of the same-old same-old about incentivizing behavior, there were 2 talks that focused extensively on #selfdeterminationtheory (a perspective that has guided much of my research and practice over the past almost-12 years). And several talks focused on research from basic social psychology – aka the study of the college sophomore, the science that is published in journals that only 15 people read. In addition to it being super exciting to see this solid research being applied in really cool ways, it was a profoundly meaningful confirmation for me that I am exactly in the right job for me right now. In the early days of transition, it is easy to doubt whether this was the right move. There are times when I feel very out of my element. So I really appreciated this validation yesterday. And it warmed my heart to see the work of very dear friends-who-are-like-family presented to an audience who will use that research for good.

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