Days 20 & 21: Please tell me – What do you love?

Day 20:
1. Getting to celebrate happy milestones – like 25th anniversaries – with friends. Congrats, Lynne & Randie!

2. Getting to catch up with other friends at said festivities. Great to see you – April , Kate , Erin & Catherine!

3. Having people in my life who I can always count on, even when I am being my raw, ugly self. I am so fortunate to have several of these gifts in my life, but I am thinking especially of my Peep – Jennifer .

Day 21
1. Good TV. Scandal, Hannibal, The Americans. Wow! Great acting. Good writing. Fun to be along for the ride.

2. Lazy Sundays with my Guy – Stephen.

3. Not dreading going to work on Monday. Such a gift to look forward to the promise of a new week.

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