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Day 30 (aka “the grand finale” for this “official” 30-day challenge): Please tell me – What do you love?

1. Breakfast tacos – You can take the girl out of Texas…

2. My legs. Not because they look awesome (which, I will say, they do) but because of what they do. That 6 year old little girl who noticed her legs were bigger than everyone else’s had no idea what greatness these mean running machines were destined for.

3. My juicer. It has changed my life. This morning’s concoction is a set of “hairy greens” (kale and some chard-y stuff), pineapple, blueberries, banana and Greek yogurt.

4. That a bus driver at the subway this morning was wishing everyone a good day while he was taking his break.

5. Reconnecting with old friends.

6. The capacity to cultivate self-awareness. It’s ugly sometimes but oh so much better than wandering the world in oblivion, leaking my own flavor of crazy all over others.

7. Scarves and boots. I am not a fan of the bitter cold but Fall and Winter bring out the opportunity for some great accessories.

8. The opportunity to share with all of you the things that I love over the past 30 days. And the opportunity to hear about what you love.

Namaste, Friends – I come to you in the place where we are equals.The light that is in me honors the light that is in you.

Day 29: Please tell me – What do you love?

This is from Monday. Forgot to post here. Oops! 🙂

1. The Quiet Car on Amtrak. I dread the day they allow people to talk on cell phones on flights.

2. Sunset. And sunrise. And that some of you are now singing that song from Fiddler on the Roof (you know who you are).

3. How this 30-day challenge to myself to focus on the little and big things that I love has shaped the way I see the world and each day.

Days 24 & 25: Please tell me – What do you love?

Day 24
1. The salmon that we had for dinner. And, yes, it turns out there is a difference between farmed and wild caught salmon. We did a side-by-side comparison. 🙂

2. Empty laundry baskets. So gratifying.

3. Snow hush – that wonderful quiet that comes over the world under a blanket of fresh snow (and just to be clear, it is not appropriate for such an event to occur any time between April 1 and November 15 – in case the snow gods are reading this).

Day 25
1. The flu shot. Oh so much better than the flu.

2. The Wegman’s-inspired salad I am eating for lunch – mixed greens, apple, walnuts, dried apricots, dried cranberries and gorgonzola. Yum!

3. Getting to put my brain to work – knowing that I work in an environment where the first response to everything I come up with is NOT (reflexively) going to be “no” or “that’s not the way we do things here.” So liberating.

Day 23: Please tell me – What do you love?

1. That I have been running/training long enough to anticipate that this was going to be a tough week on the training front. It still feels miserable physically, but it is a whole lot easier to deal with mentally knowing that this is normal (and that it will pass).

2. That point I get to in training where I could literally eat anything. There may have been a spoon involved in my declaration of love for Nutella last night… 🙂

3. That most of what I want to eat at this point in training is “the good stuff.” There’s something really amazing about being in touch with your body and what it needs. There is going to be salmon in my near future. I don’t know what it is in salmon that my body needs right now (good fats? high dose of protein?), but it’s been craving it for 2 days.